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  • Tyre Industry

    From the beginning phase of conveying raw materials, handling of the strips, tyre forming and to the final step of tyre inspection later, we are able to provide the appropriate products to our clients.We recognize many short-comings of the current rubber belt solution especially in the mixing-room a Read More

  • Tobacco

    Tobacco processing requires a wide range of conveyor and processing belts for various manufacturing stages. We offer polyolefin and polyester belts that are halogen, surfur and nitrogen free. They are also food grade (FDA) to meet the rising safety standard. Below you shall find some exclusive produ Read More

  • Textile Printing

    In the textile printing industry, there are many different types of printing techniques, from rotary, flat-bed, digital to ceramic printing. Each technique is suitable for a great variety of products, which gives an idea of the complexity and high demands for the printing blankets used.We work very Read More

  • Roller Driving Belts

    In the material handling industry, processes from storage and commissioning to sorting and general distribution of the goods require different types of conveying products to meet the demands.Our aim is to provide innovation and solutions for conveying systems; therefore, we offer a diverse product r Read More

  • Heavy Conveying

    Heavy Conveying in certain industries such as recycling of steel sheets, trash, or waste components, the load on the belt is very high. Therefore, a line for heavy conveying is developed with high tensile strength (N/mm). Read More

  • Food Industry

    Today, key accounts like Kraft Heinz and Mars use Unibelts to convey cookies, biscuits, crackers and chocolates. We ensure that all our food belts comply with EU 752/2017, EU 10/2011, EU 1935/2004 and FDA regulations as stated in our Declaration of Compliance.Our newly launched polyether and high te Read More

With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing timing belts, Unbelt has been innovating, Making it a global leader in high-end, High-quality products.
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