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Treadmill Belt

Nowadays sports and leisure activities are increasingly held in fitness studios, equipped with high-tech and complicated treadmills and weight-training machinery.

From walking to training in running for top athletes,  the treadmill belts for all speeds and types of stress are used, guaranteeing stable operation, optimum grip and excellent directional stability.

In weight-training machinery the belts easily move masses of 100 kg and more.

Conveyor and accelerating belts for skiers make getting into the ski lift easier, minimizing the danger of injury. At the same time the lift can work more economically.

Treadmill Belts are widely used in fitness entertainment industry and gyms. We are supplying thousands of readily available domestic and light commercial belts and hundreds of different standard size treadmill mats. All running belts are Low Friction, Anti-Static, Very affordable, and Fast Delivery.

On the other hand belts come in various thickness,different colors, different top cover patterns, long lifespan, high precision. Pre-tensioning will allow our run treadmill belts to run smoothly on treadmill decks, which makes jogging a real fitness and enjoyment. We also have state of the art and fully computerised, belt joining machinery for made to measure belts. Any irregular sized belt not in stock will be made promptly.

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