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Traction Belt


Traction Belt


Traction belts play a crucial role in various industries by providing reliable traction and power transmission, ensuring smooth operation and efficient performance of machinery and equipment.

Cable production equipment traction belts are used in cable manufacturing processes to move and control the cables throughout the production line. These belts provide traction and grip to prevent slippage and ensure smooth movement of the cables.


Traction belts are commonly used in cable extrusion lines, where they help guide and transport the cables through the extrusion process. They are also used in cable winding machines, where they assist in the precise winding and coiling of the cables onto spools or reels.

These belts are often equipped with specialized features such as grooves or patterns to enhance grip and prevent cable slippage. They may also have a smooth surface to minimize friction and ensure the cables are not damaged during the production process.

Cable production equipment traction belts play a crucial role in maintaining the efficiency and productivity of cable manufacturing operations. They help ensure the smooth and reliable movement of cables, contributing to the production of high-quality cables that meet industry standards.

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