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TPU Flex Belt


Product features

  • TPU Flex Belts are manufactured in thermoplastic poyurethane, with continuous spiral steel cords.

  • This Type of belt is developed for good running characteristics and high traction loads.

  • They are especially suited for power transmission and conveying with hiah loads and hiah speeds(up to 10000RPM)

  • The addition of a nylon on the teth during production ehances the running propeties for specific applications and reduces the noise frictional coefficient.

  • An extra thickness of special coating is also possible on the back of the belt offering extra protection aggressive or heavy products.

Mechanical and chemical features

  • Constant dimensions

  • Low noise

  • Length constant

  • Low maintenance

  • High abration resisitance

  • High flexibility

  • Ageing, hydrolysis, ozone resistant

  • High resistance to Oils, Greases and Gasoline

  • TPU Flex belts are manufactured from 2500mm to 25000mm

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