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Rubber covering tape


Product classification:

According to different reinforced materials: high elastic square steel bar structure rubber sealing cover belt

Rubber covering belt of steel curtain net structure


Rubber sealing cover belt is mainly used in port, building materials, cement, chemical industry, grain and other industries. It is mainly used for installation above the ship handling conveyor conveying bulk materials to prevent rain and snow, dust cover and other functions, and also to meet the requirements of cement, grain and other powder and granular materials suitable for ship free movement handling. One end is fixed with a fixing bolt, the other end is tensioned with a heavy weight, and the tape can be moved as required.


The conveyor is covered with a large width ozone resistant and flame-retardant rubber sealing belt, and the upper and lower surfaces of the structural belt body are flat. The belt body is horizontally laid with reinforced high elastic square steel bars and rectangular rubber bars at intervals to ensure the transverse rigidity of the belt. Then, the reinforced high elastic square steel bars and rectangular rubber bars are covered with dip canvas to form a whole, and then covered with covering rubber and side rubber, which are vulcanized. The tape has certain rigidity in the transverse direction to ensure that the belt surface can bear certain weight and rainwater can be naturally discharged through the edge of the tape without causing rainwater retention. Canvas is used to cover the steel strip longitudinally to ensure that the tape can bear certain tension. The surface of the belt body is covered with a certain thickness of adhesive layer to protect the belt body and reduce the impact of external forces. The belt body has good longitudinal flexibility to ensure that the belt can smoothly pass through the reversing roller when the feeder is running in the longitudinal direction.



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