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Rubber Annular Extra-long Synchronous Belt


Rubber Annular Extra-long Synchronous Belt


Rubber annular extra-long synchronous belt is a type of power transmission belt that is designed to provide efficient and reliable power transfer in various industrial applications.

-Machine Tools: These belts are used in CNC machines, milling machines, lathes, and other machine tools to transmit power between the motor and the tool head. The high torque capabilities of the belts ensure precise and efficient machining operations.

-Packaging Machinery: Synchronous belts are used in packaging machines such as carton sealers, case packers, and palletizers to synchronize the movement of different components. The accurate timing provided by these belts ensures smooth and precise packaging processes.

-Robotics: Rubber annular extra-long synchronous belts are used in robotic applications to transmit power and motion between different robotic arms and joints. The high precision and low backlash of these belts are essential for accurate and repeatable robotic movements.

-Printing Industry: Synchronous belts are widely used in printing machines, including offset printers, flexographic printers, and digital printers. These belts ensure precise and synchronized movement of the printing plates, rollers, and other components, resulting in high-quality prints.


-Textile Industry: These belts are used in textile machinery, such as looms, knitting machines, and spinning machines, to drive various components and synchronize their movement. The high durability and precise timing of these belts are crucial for efficient textile production.

-Automotive Industry: Rubber annular extra-long synchronous belts are used in automotive engines to drive the camshafts, which control the opening and closing of the engine valves. The accurate timing provided by these belts ensures efficient engine performance and reduces the risk of valve timing-related issues.

-Food Processing: Synchronous belts are used in food processing machinery, such as conveyors, mixers, and slicers, to transmit power and synchronize the movement of different components. The food-grade rubber material used in these belts ensures hygiene and compliance with food safety regulations.

It is made from high-quality rubber materials, which offer excellent durability, flexibility, and resistance to wear and tear.


The annular design refers to the shape of the belt, which is circular and continuous, allowing for smooth and consistent power transmission. This design also eliminates the need for belt joints, reducing the risk of failure or slippage.

The extra-long aspect of the belt indicates that it is longer in length compared to standard synchronous belts. This makes it suitable for applications that require a longer distance between pulleys or require the transmission of power over a large area.

The synchronous feature of the belt means that it operates with a toothed design, where the belt has teeth or cogs that fit into corresponding grooves on the pulleys. This ensures a positive engagement between the belt and the pulleys, eliminating slippage and providing precise power transmission.

Specification model sizes

Model Specification code Nodal line length mm Number of teeth
XL 2130~7874 5410.20~19999.96 1065~3937 teeth
L 1991~13778 5057.75~75000.00 From 351 teeth
H 2365~13780 6908.80~75000.00 From 544 teeth
XH 2284~13781 577.50~75000.00 From 265 teeth
XXH 1812~13775 4603.75~34988.50 From 145 teeth
T5 4080.00~80000.00 4080.00~75000.00 From 816 teeth
T10 7060.00~80000.00 7060.00~75000.00 From 706 teeth
T20 5020.00~80000.00 5020.00~75000.00 From 251 teeth
HTD-5M 7005.00~80000.00 7005.00~75000.00 From 1401 teeth
HTD-8M 6888.00~80000.00 6888.00~75000.00 From 861 teeth
HTD-14M 6874.00~80000.00 6874.00~75000.00 From 491 teeth
AT5 3400.00~80000.00 3400.00~75000.00 From 680 teeth
AT10 3350.00~80000.00 3350.00~75000.00 From 335 teeth
AT20 3400.00~80000.00 3400.00~75000.00 170 teeth
S5M 4005~20000 4005.00~75000.00 From 801 teeth
S8M 6648~35000 6648.00~75000.00 From 831 teeth
S14M 4410~35000 4410.00~75000.00 From 315 teeth

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