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Polyester woven dryer mesh belt


Polyester mesh belt is made of high quality high viscosity polyester sliced processing wire, after forming, weaving, finishing and shaping.

Features: acid resistant, alkali resistant, abrasion resistant, high temperature resistant, long service life, several times better than woven dry blankets, canvas and

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It is several times longer than woven dryer fabric, canvas and general dryer fabric. The mesh has a flat surface, high tensile strength and good air permeability. High heat transfer efficiency, saving energy for users.

Polyester mesh belts are used in mining, petroleum, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and machinery manufacturing industries. The installation of filtering flat wire dryer mesh is generally applicable to the first few groups of drying cylinders in the drying department, and senior paper can be used in all.

Machines with nets are called filters and are used to filter natural water, food etc.

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