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Polyester forming mesh belt


Polyester forming mesh is a widely used, environmentally friendly, non-polluting high-tech products in the paper industry, is a valuable and easy to consume equipment in the paper industry, mainly including, polyester forming mesh, polyester dryer fabric, polyester spiral mesh, polyester filter press mesh.

Single-ply forming fabric, polyester single-ply forming fabric, is the simplest form of forming fabric. It consists of four different forms.

1. It is designed mainly for use in sewage treatment plants, sludge dewaterers, etc.

2. Mainly used in sludge dewaterers, slurry washers and bleachers.

3. Mainly used in various paper machines

4. It is mainly used for the production of various kinds of kraft paper, sheet paper, writing paper, printing paper and other paper making equipment that requires a high degree of dewatering.

Advantages and performance:

Simple structure, high fibre support index, square mesh, good dewatering properties, good air permeability. Convenient. Good retention, good drainage. Abrasion resistant, easy to clean. Easy to draw paper, long life. Uniform pore size.

It is used in a wide range of applications, not only in the paper industry, but also in pulp making, sludge dewatering, straw pulp board, black liquor extraction, pulp washing machine, bleaching machine, mineral processing, flour, environmental protection, sugar, pharmaceutical, ceramics, food, printing, coal washing and other industries.

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