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PVC Conveyor Belt



Standard PVC Conveyor Belts are main products of our compay. The belts with smooth or embossed top cover specially suited for inclined and declined conveyance, All of them is belts are impervious to impact,wear and abrasion resistant and known for its high tenacity and long life lasting.


Belts with anti-static, flameretardant, low noise, high or low friction applied to logistics and airport, check-in, merge and take away, curve belts, x-ray scanning, super market check-out counters, warehouses, mail sorting systems, bulk, packaging, electronic production and other automatic produciton lines etc.


Belts with various patterns for material such as artificial and synthetic marble plates and synthetic marble plates, ceramic tiles in stone and marble processing industries,wood processing industires, are used in marble manufacturing, man-made ceramic, stone conveying, polishing, grind and other process.

Food Grade PVC Conveyor Belt


UniBelt with PVC, polyester fabric top cover, non toxic and resistant to animal and vegetal oils and greases, high tensile strength, impregnated bottom side, easy to clean, high and low temperatures, good release characteristics.


Most of them are white coloured and have rigid weft, although they are also available in blue and natural colours, and some have flexible weft. Belts are used in following markets: Bakery, confectionary, Meat and Poultry Fish, Fruit and Vegetables, Dairy, Agricultural etc.

With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing timing belts, Unbelt has been innovating, Making it a global leader in high-end, High-quality products.
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