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PU Conveyor Belt

Polyurethane belts are mainly used in the Food Industry. Due to its structure, polyurethane belts do not give off damaging toxins or chemicals. Polyurethanes for process and conveyor belting can be either thermoplastic – TPU, or thermoset – PUR. Thermoplastic polyurethane coating material excels through its exceptional resistance to grease, oils and chemicals.

PU conveyor belt that UniBelt manufacturing have excellent flexing endurance, good softness, high wear and abrasion resistant, good breathable.

Belts with thermoplastic polyurethane coating

Very flexible even at low temperatures

Very good resistance to oil and fat

Good abrasion resistance

Food compliance for all foodstuff

Available in many colours, and with profiles


All belts with PU top cover are FDA food grade, non toxic, odorless and resistant to animal, vegetal, mineral oils and greases. A wide range of belts to be applied mainly in the food conveyance industries, transport material grain, candy, vegetables, fruits, fowl,meat of bulk, canning, packaging. But also recommendable for other applications such tobaccon, electronic, textile, printing, automible and tyre, stone, wood processing and etc. Most of them are white coloured, although they are also available in blue and natural colours. Most of them are rigid weft. To meet the high requirements of conveyoring and processing,decorative patterns and high strength fabric to increase stability and strength.


Silicone Conveyor Belt

The best feature of silicone belts is high temperature resistant. UniBelt supplies a range of silicone belts according to sizes requested. The main application conveyoring cookie and fried food for drying to make use food light and crisp.

PE Conveyor Belt

PE belts are widely used in enormous and high developed tobacco industry in global. UniBelt has a leading in this industry. All the belts are according to FDA standard, non toxic, odorless, oil-resistant, corrosion-resistant, tensile-resistant. All is abled to be produce according to customers need, such as process panel, guide, sidewall, turning, hoisting etc.

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