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Metal Processing

Sharp solutions for metal processing

To meet the requirements of customers in metal processing, our industry experts offer high-quality solutions designed to operate in very difficult environments that often feature heavy loads, sharp products, and high temperatures.

Drawing on a wide variety of belt styles, materials, and types, we will help you select the best solution for your needs, with the resistance required to cutting, abrasion, or chemical agents, and the reliability and high performance you need to meet your production goals.

Abrasion resistance

Our heavy conveyor and processing belts, plastic modular belts, and covered truly endless belts offer high abrasion- and scratch resistance. This maintains their surface properties over time, resulting in a longer belt service life and lower costs long term.

Chemical resistance

Since chemicals are used to lubricate and cool metal surfaces, Unibelt's fabric belts, plastic modular belts, and timing belts have the necessary chemical resistance to perform reliably in aggressive environments. For example, our duroplastic polyurethane (DPU) cover used for coil wrappers prevents hardening or cracking of the top surface, and so increases belt lifetime.

High-temperature resistance

Metalworking necessarily leads to elevated product and environmental temperatures. Unibelt's various belting solutions for high temperatures ensure continuity of production and reduced unexpected downtime.

High belt tension

In applications like coil wrapping or cable pulling, the forces involved are very high, and sudden load peaks often occur. Under these conditions, our splice-free fabric belts ensure low stretch characteristics, reduced re-tensioning and downtimes, and lower maintenance costs.

Cut resistance

Sharp sheet edges and products are extremely common in the metalworking industry. Unibelt's heavy conveyor belts, processing belts, and plastic modular belts guarantee long lifetimes thanks to their cut-resistant surfaces.

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