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Marble and Ceramics

Conveyor Belts for Marble and Ceramics

The marble belts that UniBelt produces have the characteristics of high impact resistance and wear resistance, tensile strength. And has a variety of decorative pattern for client’s choices. They are used for the industry of marble manufacturing, man-made ceramics and other products. Recent years, we have much adjustment about craft and now reached the domestic industry leading position.

Find out about the advantages and benefits of our belts designed for use in the production of roof tiles, bricks, ceramic wall tiles and pavements.

UniBelt works closely with key OEMs around the world to develop durable and precise performance belting solutions for the entire range of production applications of both natural and synthetic stone processing, including:

block cutting and splitting

calibration and slab polishing

chamfering and edge polishing

mixing and dosing raw materials

forming engineered slabs in the production of synthetic materials

Belt features:

Highly resistant to chemical additives and mineral oils.

Resistant to abrasion.

Resistant to temperature of atomized clay.

High mechanical resistance.

Light & flexible.

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