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Eye link Conveyor Belt


This kind of belt is also called Loop Joined Wire Belt,Tight Spiral Link Belts-wire ring belt   Eye-Flex Conveyor Belt


1. flat and stable surface

2. dimensional stability

3. stable structure

4. allow heavy loads

5. good support for fragile product

6. positive drive with sprockets to make sure the belt run streightly

7. belt is easy to clean because of its separate opening                                                                                      8. High load capacity

9. Modular design

10. Almost unlimited application possibilities

11. Toughest conveyor belt


1. Pasteurizing

2. Baking

3.  Cooking

4. Croling

5. Drying

6. Freezing

7. Heating

8. Loading

9. Roasting

10. Washing

11. Pasteurizing

12. Blanching

13. Deep-frying

Ladder Link Belting

It is also called Ladder Link (Sani-Grid) Belting ,Rod belt

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