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Compound Balance Weave Conveyor Belts


Compound Balance Weave Conveyor Belts are also called Tight Spiral Link Belt,Compund Balanced Belt,Cord Weave Belt and Furnace Curtain.


1.  flat and smooth surface so, the belts can carry small items and unstable products.

2. heavy load is available to  transport

3. processing under pressure is allowed.

4. the belt can be  used in high temperature environment .

5. The belt is widely used in textile products refining and cleaning process.

6. high density

7. little open area

8. The left-wound and right-wound spirals are fitted tightly together alternately and joined with Straight rods.

9. available in any materials


1. Cookie Baking

2. ortilla Baking

3. Bakery Belts

4. Food Processing

5. Crackers

6. Biscuits

7. Heat Treating of small parts

8. Hardening

9. Tempering

10. Quenching

11. furnace curtain

It's great for for handling small parts in heat treating and quench tank operations and top heavy loads

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