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With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing Timing belts, Unbelt has always been on the
edge of innovation, making it a global leader in high-end, high-precision and high quality products. We are a leading manufacturer of innovative thermoplastic polyurethane power transmission. All polyurethane belts are made out of abrasion-resistant polyurethane that provides thermoplastic flexibility, and long-lasting, energy efficient belt system solutions for even the most demanding industries and applications.

Our products lines include PU Timing Belts, PU Open Belts, PU Flex belts, Rubber Timing belts,
Rubber V belts, Conveyor belts, PU Round belts, PU V Belts, Timing Pulleys, etc. To complete our
products and service, we also supply and design some special belts for special machines or special working conditions.

Why Choose us
Our products are designed to meet specific end-user requirements for high performance and
We have a professional team of technicians and engineers as well as experienced sales and support staff to ensure that our belts are running smoothly for the produciton of customers.

Our Mission
We are continuously optimising our products, meeting new challenges, creating value for customers


With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing timing belts, Unbelt has been innovating, Making it a global leader in high-end, High-quality products.
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We have an excellent technical team
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