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Belts Fabrication & Customization

With a wealth of belting experience and a number of well-equipped fabrication locations spread across the globe, UniBelt has numerous possibilities to create the right belt for the right application.

11If conveyor belting is your business, we provide complete belting and parts you need in order to help your production go as efficiently as possibly.

Our supplies include:

All sizes & for any application  

Belt splicing, repairs & spare parts                          

All types of pattern silicone mould,film and matt paper

Belt fasteners & installation tools

Pulley lagging

Custom cut parts from belting

Coated fabrics

Belts with special covers & profiles

Round, V and flat urethane belting 

Roller cover         

The guides, profiles,cleats and sidewalls that we are manufacturing are mainly made from PVC and Polyurethane placed on belts. It is flexible,reistant to compression for elevating, containing, guiding, dividing etc. The profiles are available in a wide variety of heights.

Cleats & Profiles Model
图片1 K6 6mm*4mm
K8 8mm*5mm
K10 10mm*6mm
K13 13mm*8mm
K17 17mm*11mm 
K22 22mm*14mm
K30 30mm*17mm

图片2        图片3

图片5              图片4

T10 10mm*10mm
T20 20mm*20mm
T30  25mm*30mm
T40 25mm*40mm
T50 25mm*50mm
T60 30mm*60mm
W35 28mm*35mm
X10 10mm*10mm
X20 20mm*20mm 
X30  25mm*30mm
X40 25mm*40mm
X50 25mm*50mm
X60 30mm*60mm
Z120 40mm*120mm

图片7 图片7
Belt fastener CX series Belt fastener MRS series
图片4 图片3
Belt fastener Alligator series Plastic Spiral
图片10 图片11

Specializing in Conveyor Belts & Timing Belts to Help Keep Your Production Running Smooth.
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